Jaqueline Mitchell


Jaqueline Mitchell

Jaqueline Mitchell studied History of Art at Oxford Brookes where she gained an MA. She is a freelance writer, compiler, publisher and editor whose books focus on social, cultural and natural history. These include How to be a Good Parent (Bodleian Publishing, 2014), Blitz Spirit (Osprey, 2010) and Birds: An Anthology (Bodleian Publishing, 2020). 

Jaqueline also works as a commissioning editor in academic publishing with more than 30 years experience behind her, including the commissioning of African Studies for Boydell & Brewer.

She has also written and compiled three Britannica Guides for Constable and Robinson and three collections of Quotations on Cities (Paris, London and New York, 2014 to 2016).

Jaqueline is currently working on a global anthology of writings on Trees.


Birds: An anthology in Times Literary Supplement, May 22, 2020
Birds: An anthology in Coast Magazine, May 2020