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Dr Sandi Mann               Sarah Bartlett            Dr Sandi Mann

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Bev Speight                      Dr Sandi Mann             Dr Sandi Mann

five minute mindfulness          Upside of Downtime            Switch Words cover
Claire Gillman                Dr Sandi Mann                  Liz Dean

Fuck it - do what you love         Fuck It Answers                 Teach Yourself Social Psychology

John Parkin                   John Parkin                          Dr Paul Seager

Risk cover           Cover                cover
Clive Steeper and           Joules Taylor                       Wootton/Horne
Sue Stockdale
Cover              Front cover
Liz Dean                               Dr Sandi Mann

Cover               Cover                Cover
Jenny Hare                           Jenny Hare                           Diana Mather

Garden of Desires                Phobias and panic              Charity cover

Emily Dubberly                     Dr Sandi Mann                   Claire Gillman

Would I Lie To You cover                Manage your Anger              
Drs Seager and Mann          Dr Sandi Mann                  Emily Dubberley

Brain Training                                Keep you Brain Sharp

Wootton/Horne                  Wootton/Horne                  Wootton/Horne

               Cover - How Not to get Published

Claire Gillman                    Claire Gillman