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Taylor, Ken

Ken TaylorKen Taylor has worked as a freelance journalist, website editor in both public and private sectors and runs a small publishing business. He has written 6 full length books over the past ten years and has co-authored a further 6 in partnership with his wife Joules.  Titles include Early Heaven Oracle (Rider,2002 ) Tarot for Today (London House, 2000) and two titles for Spruce  Werewolves (2009)  and Ghosts ( 2010).

Ken’s Celestial Geometry explores over 60 archaeological sites that enshrine the remarkable achievements of the ancient astronomers was published by Duncan Baird in autumn 2012 and translated into a number of languages.

The paperback edition, published by Watkins in April 2019, has a five star review in the June 2019 edition of the BBC’s popular astronomy magazine, Sky at Night.

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