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Taylor, Joules

Joules TaylorGraduating from Stirling University with a B.A. Hons in English Studies with Philosophy and Linguistics, Joules Taylor has written on a wide variety of subjects, her works including Celtic history and myths, clairvoyance, crystals and dream interpretation.  She enjoys a reputation for carefully researched and lucid writing, particularly exploring ancient traditions with modern applications.

From 1994-98 she wrote Astrolog, the astrology feature in Scrumpy, the monthly magazine for Mensa South-West, and her articles on traditional solstice and equinox celebrations have been published in Soul and Spirit magazine. When not writing books she contributes extensively to the IMDb, writing episode guides for Arthur of the Britons, Sky, Space Maidens, The Starlost, Jupiter Moon, Gravedale High, Transformers: Beast Machines, The Zoo Gang and Zodiac, amongst others. Her personal blog, Zone Doubt, has been running since July 2002.

Titles include Crystal Power (co-written with her husband Ken Taylor) Dream Decoder (Godsfield, 2006)  The Book of Celtic Symbols (Cico Books, 2007) Celtic Messages – a book and card set (Cico Books, 2007) – Vampires (Spruce, 2009),  The Power of Perfume (Albert Bridge Books, 2015, available as an e-book and Print on Demand), and The Wisdom of Unicorns (Pop Press – Penguin Random House, 2017), which won the ‘Best Mythological Creatures Book’ award in Soul and Spirit magazine in 2018 .

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