Jenny Hare


Hare, Jenny

Jenny HareJenny Hare is a journalist, counsellor and advice columnist.  She trained as a Samaritan and was Women’s Weekly agony aunt, Mary Marryat, for 17 years.

She writes self-help books and her titles include Think Sex, Think Love, Free your Life from Fear, Orgasms and How to Have Them: A Guide for Women, Ask Love: The 1000 Most Asked Questions about Love and Everyday Happy: 365 Ways to a Better You.  Hodder & Stoughton have published Simple Steps to Positive Living, Unlock Your Creativity and How to Forgive and Move On. Jenny’s latest book for Hodder is Secrets of Happy Relationships.

Simple Steps to Positive Living  Unlock Your Creativity  Cover

Ask Love   Everyday Happy   Living Your Life Free From Fear  Cover