Elizabeth Holmes


Holmes, Elizabeth

Elizabeth HolmesElizabeth Holmes is a West Sussex-based freelance writer and author who contributes to a wide range of newspapers, magazines and websites both nationally and internationally.  She specialises in education and health.  In addition to writing, Elizabeth also presents on a number of topics at national conferences and runs professional development training and workshops for schools, as well as running bespoke creative writing workshops for small groups.

Her books include The Newly Qualified Teacher’s Handbook, FAQs for NQTs, FAQs on School Inspection, FAQs for TAs and Teacher Wellbeing with Routledge and What Next After School?, British Qualifications and British Vocational Qualifications with Kogan Page.  She also contributed to the education section of Whitakers Almanack.   Her book on Acne was published by Pavilion.

Her book called David and Me, published by HarperCollins, is a memoir about solo motherhood.

And she has written a book entitled A Practical Guide to Teacher Wellbeing for Sage Publishing.   She is currently under contract to write another book on Education for Sage.


David and Me

  FAQ for School Inspection   Teachers Handbook