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Dr Sandi MannDr Sandi Mann lectures in Organizational Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire and is a consultant specializing in stress and emotions.  She is a regular contributor to various media outlets on these issues, including radio, television and print media.  She is the co-author of Would I Lie to You?  with Dr Paul Seager  and also co-authored  This Book Has Feelings  – Adventures in the Philosophy and Psychology of your Mind (New Burlington Books 2010).

Sandi has written two titles in Hodder’s Teach Yourself series – Manage Your Anger ( 2012) and Overcome Phobias and Panic Attacks  (2013) and has also written on the subject of Emotion (Hodder, 2014).

Spring 2016 will see the publication of The Upside of Downtimewhy boredom is good (Robinson) in which Sandi explores the causes and consequences of boredom in the fast paced 21st century.


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