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Hughes, David

David HughesDavid Hughes cut his teeth in the advertising business as a copywriter and producer with London-based agency The Creative Partnership, before moving to Picture Production Co as a writer/producer, based in London and Los Angeles. After spearheading literally hundreds of campaigns, from Trainspotting to Pulp Fiction, he left to form his own movie marketing company, Synchronicity.

A film critic and features writer for Empire, widely published journalist and produced screenwriter, David is the author of critically acclaimed books about filmmakers Stanley Kubrick (Virgin, 2000), David Lynch (Virgin, 2001) as well as such ‘inside Hollywood’ books as The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made (Titan, 2002/2011) and Tales from Development Hell – Hollywood Film-Making the Hard Way (Titan, 2003/2012).

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  Greatest Sci-fi Movies Never Made