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Clive SteeperClive Steeper has been a business leader and change executive for over 25 years. His career includes several roles as Managing Director in the UK, USA and Asia. Central to his success has been Clive’s ability to help others effectively navigate through change.

Now as an executive coach, consultant and facilitator, he works internationally with many different organisations ranging from public bodies and international corporations to fast-growth businesses. He has also worked in motorsport, both as an Engineer and Team Manager. More recently has been a race instructor at Silverstone and also competes in the UK Championship for sports prototypes. He is co-author of Cope with Change at Work, The Personality Book and Motivating People which are all part of the Teach Yourself series, published by Hodder Education.  His latest book, co-written with Sue Stockdale, examining the subject of Risk, was also published by Hodder.

Motivating People See risk.jpg for radio interview.

The personality workbook Cope with Change at Work